A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Julien De Loor, Antoine Richard Etienne Viallet and Loïc Benet proudly presents Space Scavanger Simulator 201X.

Supported controllers

This game support Xbox360 and PS4 controller natively on windows. It also possible to play using Keyboard and Mouse (Keyboard for pilot and Mouse for shooter).

Keyboard controls

Press Enter to skip cinematics


  • Arrows or zqsd for yaw/pitch
  • shift move forward
  • ctrl move backward
  • spacebar turbo
  • 4862 numpad camera
  • f1, f2 switch camera


  • Mouse Aim and roll
  • left clic left canon shoot
  • right clic right canon shoot


scavangerx.zip 64 MB
scavangerx_linux.zip 78 MB

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